Race of Love

Race of Love – a book by Ruckey Peniel

A fresh law school graduate, Ella was in search of the true vision for her future. A few weeks of caution thrown to the wind and unbridled passion set off a domino effect of riddles to solve. Suspicion, distrust, anger, tragedy, the drama unfolds. Yet love was desired from both parties, a mystery that eludes definition. Peace was a coveted truce. But how does one resolve issues with one who believes the world lies under his feet? It would take a journey back to the beginning, soul searching for motives, and making right the wrongs to a child separated from his dad by a cruel twist for over a decade. From the emotional turmoil of juggling careers and single parenting to revamping a family company from the crushing effects of bigotry into a global player and running multinational fortune 500 company, there is enough heartbreaking drama, fear, distrust, betrayal, and pain to last many lifetimes between Ella Olla and Jake Sullivan. Where will this all lead to? This is the Race of Love.

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